About Us

qtq80-tORQcV At Spotlock Bullion Inc, we believe in “Sound Money”, which is money that has a purchasing power that is independent of governments and political parties. True “Sound Money” does not rapidly increase or decrease in value and is exempt from wreckless government spending.
SpotLock Bullion, Inc was founded in 2018 pursuant to Wyomings passage of HB103, known as the “Wyoming Legal Tender Act” . The Act defines gold and silver specie as “legal tender” which permits gold and silver specie to be used as a medium of exchange for the payments of debt and taxes within the state.

“Specie” is defined within the Act as:

“Coin having gold or silver content;” or ” Refined gold or silver bullion which is coined, stamped or imprinted with it’s weight and purity and valued primarily based on it’s metal content and not it’s form”.

SpotLock Bullion Inc is committed to supporting the efforts of the State of Wyoming and it’s residents to make use of the “Wyoming Legal Tender Act” and to the furtherance of Legislation that allows further use, protection and investment by the residents of our beautiful State.


SpotLock Bullion’s mission is to provide a unique and professional two way precious metals trading experience to all of our clients.

We source our metals only from industry recognized distributors and depositories whom are fully compliant with applicable regulatory requirements.

As we move forward with the construction of our online 24/7 trading platform we will be traveling to various events within the region to introduce our selves and advertise our product offerings.

SpotLock Bullion Inc’s policies have been audited for, and has been found compliant with all applicable Federal Anti-Money Laundering Rules and Regulations. A copy of our AML policy is available on request.


Spotlock Bullion is a physical precious metals dealer. We work directly with mint direct wholesalers and depositories to insure that our clients receive high quality and exact quantity bullion items at low competitive premiums. At times we purchase numismatic and semi-numismatic items at auction, that we offer for sale only after they have underwent professional grading and certification. We are going to be adding new product categories